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How to Sell Your House Fast in San Diego

Madeleine OspreyJune 27, 2024
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You adored your San Diego house… five years ago. But since then, it’s become a money pit. The upstairs bathroom remodel that went awry, the electrical and plumbing that wasn’t quite to code — all of it cost more than anticipated. It’s been one thing after another since purchase — maybe you've even taken out HELOCs and home renovation loans — and it doesn't seem like you'll ever catch up with this disaster. 

Now, here you are, considering a fast sale to recover your losses… and your wallet is learning there’s more to curb appeal than landscaping alone. The prospect of selling doesn’t sound particularly appealing, either. You don’t want to suffer through months upon months of selling your house, with the stress of preparing it for the market and having real estate agents calling at all hours so potential buyers can come through — all while you’re trying to balance the sale with your daily life. 

But wait. Maybe you sell your house quickly?

It is possible to sell your house fast in San Diego — a booming real estate market filled with accomplished professionals just waiting to help you. Along with our own research, we’ve brought in a top agent — Vinnie Enriquez, leader of The Enriquez Group in San Diego — to offer his best advice on making it happen. 

Let’s get right into it.

Understand the San Diego real estate market

In 2024, houses in San Diego spent an average of 27 days on the market. While several factors are at play during this process — including property conditions, individual buyer demands, and complicated closing processes — a month is pretty quick! This is great news if you’re looking to sell fast in San Diego (although, of course, there are no guarantees).

One surefire way to draw attention to your property in a competitive market is to price it right. The best way to do this is to work with an experienced real estate agent who knows your local market well and can price your home confidently — and then make sure it gets in front of the right sets of eyes.

“To ensure your property sells quickly and at the best price, it’s crucial to price it correctly,” says Vinnie Enriquez, leader of The Enriquez Group in San Diego. “You’ll want to work with a Realtor® who can attract attention and showcase your home in the best light.” 

Hire a local real estate agent

One way to find that great agent and sell your home fast in San Diego is to start by featuring your home on Redy

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Redy is the only platform where Realtors may pay you a cash reward for the privilege of selling your house. On Redy, you’ll get to compare proposals side-by-side to ensure you move forward with an agent whose expertise and experience align with your home sales goals. 

And unlike the effective (but admittedly sometimes awkward) experience of meeting with potential Realtors face-to-face, Redy provides a virtual, low-pressure environment where you can compare proposals in private. Your personal information is never shared until you’ve chosen a real estate agent, so you’re in control of the process from day one. 

“There’s a significant difference between a good Realtor and a not-so-good one,” says Enriquez. “A good Realtor will guide you toward your goals and not only make sure you’re aware of potential hurdles but be there to help you maximize your situation for the best possible outcome.” 

And when you’re trying to sell a house fast — whether in San Diego or Sarasota — you’ll definitely want the right person on your team. A local agent who knows your city and the nuances of its neighborhoods will be able to tap into their network of potential buyers and turn your “for sale” sign into a “sold” one as swiftly as possible.

Don’t be swayed by “quick sale” promises

When you’re trying to sell fast, especially with the added pressure of financial strain, it can be tempting to turn to one of those so-called quick-sale platforms. These businesses promise a cash offer for your home without having to put it on the multiple listing service (MLS) or go through the rigmarole of finding a Realtor. 

It all sounds great — after all, why not cut out the middleman and sell your house yourself? — but the truth is that you’ll probably leave good money on the table. Enriquez cautions against using quick-sale platforms in most cases, instead encouraging sellers to work with a Realtor to sell the property to a genuine buyer. 

“You’ll typically see a higher return than if you accept a pre-listing cash offer,” he says. 

One instance where this may not be true, however, is if your home is in a state of considerable disrepair and you’re lacking funds to fix it before selling. Even still, before turning to a potentially too-good-to-be-true platform, it’s best to bring in a Realtor and properly explore your options. 

Prepare your home for sale

So, you’ve decided to sell, you’ve found a great Realtor (with the help of Redy, perhaps?), and now it’s time to get your San Diego home ready for the market so you can sell it fast. But there’s more to this step than just mowing the grass and tidying the kitchen — for your house to appeal to the right buyer, it must look its best inside and out. 

Even if you’ll still live in the house while it’s for sale, it’s worth taking time to stage your home. Staging is, essentially, the process of decluttering and removing personal touches while arranging furniture and relevant decor so that a buyer can easily imagine the space as their own. And it does make a difference — seeing walls covered in family photos and navigating around overflowing moving boxes creates a challenging environment for potential buyers to picture their belongings in the space. 

Now is also a great time to go through your home with your Realtor and address any minor repairs or cost-effective upgrades. This doesn’t mean renovating your unfinished basement into a guesthouse, but it could mean repairing damaged door trim or returning that orange accent wall to a neutral color. 

“Buyers in San Diego are prioritizing brightness and open-concept designs,” says Enriquez, adding that each buyer will have their own unique preferences. Still, these are the trends he’s seeing currently in the market.

Finally — and your own agent will probably have already suggested this — consider bringing in a professional real estate photographer to take photos and even video footage of your home. Great photos are the best way to catch the eyes of buyers when your Realtor lists your home for sale, and pros know how to capture the best angles and lighting to make your home look terrific. 

Plan effective marketing strategies

Realtors aren’t there just to list your home on the MLS and answer the phone on your behalf. They’re expert marketers who know how to promote your property and bring it the attention it deserves. 

An experienced Realtor will leverage digital and traditional strategies to sell your home fast in San Diego, from using social media platforms to hosting open houses. You can help by keeping your home walkthrough-ready and trusting your agent’s local expertise. 

Be ready to negotiate

When the time comes to review offers from would-be buyers, your agent will sit down with you to go through the contracts with a fine-toothed comb. But remember, it’s not all about the sales price. 

You’ll want to pay close attention to anything else a buyer might request, such as an extended closing period, a cash allowance to replace the dining room flooring, or even a request to keep your backyard barbeque setup. Your agent will guide you through the negotiation process, but when selling your house fast, remember to keep an open mind and leave emotions out of the equation. 

Closing quickly

Since your San Diego real estate agent will know that you’re trying to sell your home fast, they’ll do everything they can to prepare you for a quick closing. This means having all paperwork in order — including any required disclosures — and ensuring your house is ready for inspections once you’ve accepted a buyer’s offer and the clock starts ticking toward closing. 

Sell your house fast and say farewell!

With the help of an experienced Realtor who knows the San Diego market and understands your need to sell quickly, you can enter the home sales process confident that you can get out of this sticky situation.

Remember that featuring your home on Redy is the fastest way to compare qualified agents without stress or pressure. Let San Diego real estate agents compete for the privilege of selling your home by putting their money where their mouth is — whether that’s through upfront cash incentives or a reduced commission rate. Redy lets you choose an agent with the experience to provide the service you need to sell your home fast.

Madeleine Osprey is a freelance writer and a former Realtor. Using her firsthand experience and network of industry professionals, she writes about real estate with the aim of helping homeowners better understand their options and make confident decisions about their property. Madeleine is based in New England and enjoys long walks with her Whippet named Gregory.

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