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Helping home sellers unlock their home’s hidden value

Redy’s mission is to enable you to unlock the hidden value of your home sale. We do this by connecting you with top agents who pay for the privilege of listing your home. Our platform facilitates fair and transparent competition among agents to ensure that you get the most value out of your most valuable asset.


Founded by homeowners for homeowners

Redy was born out of a dream to connect home sellers with the best agents and to get them paid in the process. Our founders designed Redy to unlock this value for home sellers through a unique cash incentive, while bringing ease, transparency, and fair competition to the real estate agent selection process. Redy is the very first online marketplace that hands homeowners the keys to unlock the hidden value of their home listing.


We’ve been making headlines...

“New twist to home selling: Owners list their properties, agents bid on them to sell...”
In The News | The Washington Post
“Redy is an innovative real estate marketplace that launched nationwide in June 2022. The marketplace is one of the first online residential real estate auctions...”
In The News | Housing Wire
“Josh Altman and Matt Proman Are Teaming Up to Disrupt the Real Estate Industry...”
In The News | Enterpreneur
“If the Altman Brothers-endorsed Redy has its way, agents will be able to buy business with more confidence than any Zillow Premier account can offer.”
In The News | Inman
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When you own local seller listings, you own your local market.


Josh Altman

Redy Co-Founder | Luxury Real Estate Agent | Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing


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“Great company! I got proposals quickly and then received an offer on our house within a week after picking an agent.”
Jaylin B.
Home Seller in Tooele, UT
“Redy is the best decision for real estate! As a homeowner, you get to list your property for free in search of a great agent and be in full control over the entire process.”
Michael V.
Home Seller in U.S.
“The agents seemed to be very experienced, and comparison was easy. I'd highly recommend Redy to save both money and time.”
Paula P.
Home Seller in U.S.

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