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Register Your Property

Register Your Property

Let us know where it is and what makes it special. We protect your info at every step, which means no spam calls or solicitations.

Agents Compete

Agents Compete

Top local agents compete head-to-head for the opportunity to sell your home and pay you cash upfront just to be your listing agent.

You Compare Agents

You Compare Agents

Compare proposals from agents in your area. Proposals include details on how they’re going to market your home, commission rate, and cash bonus.

Make Your Final Choice

Make Your Final Choice

Choose the agent, the deal, and the cash bonus you like best. Simply meet with your agent to sign a listing agreement and get paid.

Browse Local Properties

Browse Local Properties

Instantly browse ready-to-list properties in your primary markets.

Customize Alerts

Customize Alerts

Receive new property alerts and monitor your proposals with real-time notifications.

Submit Proposals

Submit Proposals

Pitch your best proposal by outlining contract terms, included services, and more.

Sign & Sell

Sign & Sell

Once chosen, you’ll view the property, sign an agreement, and sell your new listing.

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You Unlock Hidden Value

Redy redirects the marketing money agents have traditionally paid to big companies like Google, Facebook and Zillow straight to your pocket.

Agents are Directly Invested

Redy enables agents to pay home sellers cash upfront. This payment represents an investment, and a commitment, to your home sale.

You Control The Process

You select the agent(s) with whom you want to interact and fully control when this interaction happens. Redy does not share your personal, property, or contact information until you’ve chosen an agent.

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Reviews from Redy home sellers

The best decision for real estate! As a homeowner, you get to list your property for free in search of a great agent and be in full control over the entire process. Agents will bid upfront cash offers, propose a commission, term length and provide full details about their real estate business and marketing plans. That agent is now invested in the sale of the home because they paid out of pocket for the opportunity. It's a no brainer!

Michael V.

Indiana, USA

Lauren was in contact with me almost daily from start to finish, and I found my agent within a week. Payment was prompt as well. The agents that bid seemed to be very experienced, and comparison was easy. I'd highly recommend Redy to save both money and time.

Paula P.

Florida, USA

"Great company! I got proposals within two weeks and then got an offer on our house within a week after picking an agent."

Jaylin B.

Utah, USA


Redy is a first-of-its-kind marketplace where home sellers experience real estate with the power of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

A proposal outlines the benefits and terms an agent will provide when representing your home sale, including:
  • Redy Reward: A cash incentive paid to home sellers
  • Contract details: Commission rate and listing term
  • Specialized skills, such as photography, marketing, and staging
The Redy reward amount is paid to you after you and the selected agent sign a listing agreement.
After the proposal collection period for your property ends, you will compare your proposals on your Redy dashboard and choose the option that best aligns with your home selling goals. Your dashboard allows you to quickly compare and sort proposals by categories, such as total savings, commission rate, and agent experience.
You will receive your Redy Reward after confirmation that you and your agent have signed a listing agreement.
You will be paid 100% of your Redy reward amount that is displayed on the proposal you select. Redy rewards vary based on property value, location, condition, and more.
You are not obligated to select a proposal if you are unsatisfied with your results. In addition to our agent proposal system, Redy offers a robust partner network with many home-selling opportunities, such as all-cash sales and local agent referrals. Contact your Redy specialist, call 323-515-0624, or email info@redy.com to discuss your options.

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