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How to Sell Your House Fast in Atlanta

Madeleine OspreyJune 27, 2024
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After weeks — maybe even months — of searching, you’ve finally found that perfect home. There’s just one tiny problem: You already have a house, and the last time you looked out the window, there wasn’t a line of buyers waiting to take it off your hands.

You’ll need to sell your starter house quickly to secure your dream home before someone else snaps it up. But where to begin? You have neither the time nor the energy to try selling it yourself, and while you’ve heard about so-called “quick sale” companies, you don’t know enough about them to determine whether they’re a good option for your situation.  

No matter how you go about it — and having an experienced real estate agent in your corner helps, but more on that soon — you can sell your house fast in Atlanta with a bit of smart strategy. To help you out, we spoke to Martin Orefice of Rent to Own Atlanta, an accomplished professional and expert in the Atlanta real estate market.

Know the Atlanta real estate market 

On average, in 2024, homes in Atlanta will be on the market for 48 days. Of course, many factors are at play when selling a house — including location. Atlanta is known for its varied neighborhoods, from upscale Buckhead to charming Peachtree Hills. Housing prices and the time homes spend on the market vary widely from one district to the next. 

“One of the beautiful things about the Atlanta real estate market is that it’s so big and diverse — there’s always something for everyone,” says Orefice. “One trend that is accelerating is higher demand for far-flung suburbs as remote workers and retirees look for affordable homes that don’t need to be close to major employers.”

While there’s little you can do about the location of your home, there is one major factor for selling fast in Atlanta that you can control: price. And here’s where it’s key to bring in an expert to help you decide on that price; a seasoned local Realtor® will understand the Atlanta market — and the nuances of its neighborhoods — and can determine a fair and competitive price through competitive market analysis (CMA).

 A CMA is when an agent compares your home to similar properties recently sold in the area and uses that information to arrive at an asking price — an accurate price that takes into account the current market temperatures.

Finding a local real estate agent

So, the first step will be to find a real estate agent. There are many ways to find a Realtor. You can ask friends or neighbors for a referral, you can stop by a real estate office and speak with someone in person, or you can Google until you find a few agents who seem interesting. Or, you can try featuring your home on Redy and experience the difference of agents competing for the privilege of selling your house in Atlanta.

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Redy lets you compare Realtors proposals to find one with the experience and expertise you’re looking for. Moreover, agents who view your house on Redy can offer cash rewards or even negotiate their commission rate to earn your business. With a no-pressure environment to review local real estate agents and select the best fit for you, Redy makes selling your house quickly in Atlanta easy.

Should you work with a cash buyer?

Cash is king when it comes to selling your home fast. You won’t lose time waiting on a buyer’s financing to come through — or worse, learn that their mortgage application was not approved after you’ve already counted on the sale finalizing. So, should you work with a cash buyer? If possible, absolutely. But “cash buyer” doesn’t always mean the same thing.

There are conventional cash buyers — that is, an independent buyer or real estate investor who is prepared to negotiate with you and your Realtor and then pay cash at closing — and there are the quick-sale companies. 

These companies do pay cash, and they may well be the fastest route to selling your house in Atlanta — but there’s usually a tradeoff. Quick-sale companies aren’t trying to compete with other buyers; they’re going to make you a cash offer for your home, and while there may be some wiggle room on your part, you can think of this as a take-it-or-leave-it scenario. 

“If you’re in so much of a hurry to sell that you need to use a quick-sale platform, you should be ready to sell at less than market value,” cautions Orefice.

Again, this is why it’s so useful to work with an experienced real estate agent. With their extensive network and marketing expertise, an agent may well be able to find you a cash buyer at your asking price. Depending on your situation, a quick-sale platform can be an easy and fast way to sell your house — but if you’re looking for top dollar for your property, it’s best to sell the traditional route. 

Don’t skip the staging 

If you’ve made the decision to work with a Realtor and put your house on the market, now’s the time to make your home shine. To sell your home fast, you’ll want to go beyond decluttering and effectively stage your home so potential buyers can envision themselves in the space. 

While it’s possible to bring in a professional stager, your Realtor will have recommendations ready. If your furniture and decor are in good shape, you can use what you’ve got to maximize your time and budget. Above all, remember to think neutral. This is when you should repaint any vividly colored walls, put away your family photos, and pack up your vintage monocular collection. Buyers should be able to walk through your home and easily assess the size and layout of each room, able to imagine their own sofa, bed, and dining table in their respective spots.

Make strategic home improvements

The staging process is also an ideal time to take care of any minor repairs or easy improvements to your home. You don’t necessarily have to fix everything that may need attention, but identifying key areas where small renovations can greatly impact your home’s appeal — think kitchen upgrades, bathroom refreshes, landscaping details — can help you sell fast in the competitive Atlanta market. 

This is also a great time to gather the necessary documents to sell your home and keep those at the ready. Any relevant paperwork regarding property repairs, renovations, and new appliances should join the file with your property disclosures.

Determine where and how to sell your property

You’ve found a great agent (thanks, Redy!), and your house looks sharp. Now, it’s time to put it in front of as many eyes as possible. Fortunately, this is where your Realtor can get to work designing an effective marking plan.

Having professional photos and videos taken will help your home stand out on real estate platforms and entice buyers to look closer. Ideally, your agent will use traditional and digital strategies to market your property. From utilizing social media to hosting a Saturday morning open house with freshly baked cookies, your agent will know the best ways to sell a home in Atlanta.  

Know when to negotiate (or not)

When trying to sell fast, the best-case scenario is that your Realtor will be presented with multiple offers and create a bidding war to maximize your sales price. 

Despite your excitement about selling your home quickly, remember that negotiation is not always about money. Potential buyers may ask for a delayed closing date or contingencies like a cash allowance to replace carpeting, re-tile the guest bathroom, or upgrade the HVAC system. Your agent can help you decide when to push back, agree, or perhaps leave an offer entirely.

If a buyer is offering $20,000 below the list price and wants a $5,000 flooring allowance and 60 days to close, this may not be the deal for you.

Move onwards and upwards

Selling your house fast in Atlanta requires a positive, proactive approach. And, in most cases, a helping hand.

“Atlanta is a big, fast-growing city,” says Orefice. “There’s no way to keep track of all of the available sales opportunities unless you make it your full-time job.” 

That’s why your best partner in this quest is an experienced local real estate agent who can help you effectively price and market your home for quick results. Create your account on Redy to get started and let experts compete to sell your home fast. 

Madeleine Osprey is a freelance writer and a former Realtor. Using her firsthand experience and network of industry professionals, she writes about real estate with the aim of helping homeowners better understand their options and make confident decisions about their property. Madeleine is based in New England and enjoys long walks with her Whippet named Gregory.

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