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Webinar Recap: Supercharge Your 2023 with Josh Altman | Redy

Jan 30, 2023 8:00:00 AM / by Erin Brown

Webinar Recap: Supercharge Your 2023 with Josh Altman

Redy founder and Million Dollar Listing star Josh Altman recently shared his tips for real estate success during “Supercharge Your 2023,” an exclusive live training session for the Redy community. Click here to watch the event recording or read on to learn our top five takeaways for growing your real estate business in any market:

1. Love what you do

Successful people, especially those at the top, are obsessed with what they do. Passion should drive you daily – and if it doesn’t, you need to find it. When you wake up excited and committed to your career, you’ll never work a day in your life. As Josh Altman says, “Being a great real estate agent is a lifestyle, not a job.”

2. Hone in on your skills

Industry leaders call Josh Altman the “rain man of real estate.” That nickname didn’t happen overnight – it came after more than a decade of mastering his craft. Becoming an expert on real estate trends, market forecasts, and industry analysis will put you in the best position to succeed. Find the right partners across the industry – including mortgage, title and escrow, and finance – and leverage their knowledge to grow your practice. Expertise ensures you always “have the ammunition to close” and is invaluable in helping your clients make smarter decisions.

3. Embrace technology and tools

Josh Altman is the first to admit that he’s “not a techie.” But that didn’t stop his team from becoming the first in the industry to build an in-house content creation studio. Despite a self-described “old school” approach to real estate, the Altman Brothers also embrace proptech as both practical tools and investors, from 3D camera tours to listing platforms like Redy. Founded by Josh Altman, Redy is the only platform that allows real estate agents to bid directly for the opportunity to represent ready-to-sell local listings.

4. Become a listing-centric business

“If you don’t have listings, you aren’t in the game,” says Josh Altman. “The real estate agents with the most listings are going to win.” Why? Because listings aren’t just about commission – they’re a direct line of control and access to buyers. The more listings you have, the more you get your name into the market. Focus on finding sellers and sourcing deals through high-volume events. Just one open house, for example, could have thirty potential buyers walk through the door. The Altman Brothers put this philosophy into practice by ensuring that their team attends open houses every weekend to get “food on the table.”

5. Find your ideal clients

Don’t wait for your perfect clients to come to you. Instead, you need to go to them. Find out where mentors, potential clients, and referral partners spend their time, then start showing up. Being in the right place at the right time pays off, and networking with successful people breeds success.

If you missed the event, click here to access the event recording. Stay tuned for more free live training sessions with Josh Altman and other real estate experts, exclusively for the Redy community!

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