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Webinar Recap: Leveraging Digital Media with Eric Frazier | Redy

Zak BrethertonApril 14, 2023
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Webinar Recap: Leveraging Digital Media with Eric Frazier

Real estate education and multimedia expert Eric Frazier has built a thriving national network of cross-platform digital media products at The Power Is Now Media. From radio and TV to podcasts, magazines, and online events, Frazier and his team lead the national homeownership conversation through inspiring educational content. The Redy community recently had the exclusive opportunity to unlock Frazier’s expert insights during “Leveraging Digital Media to Grow Your Practice in 2023,” a live training session on online optimization, branding, and more. Click here to watch the event recording or read on to learn our top five takeaways.

1. Invest effort in three foundational pieces

Although Frazier is a digital media expert, his first – and arguably most important – tip for real estate agents has nothing to do with digital media. Instead, Frazier recommends agents invest time in three foundational pieces: specializing your practice, knowing your customer, and building a brand. From there, content and lead generation will follow.

Attracting business starts with making yourself invaluable, and value derives from specialization, Frazier says. Once you find a niche or area of real estate that you can truly own, it becomes much easier to understand the clients you want to work with. Frazier calls this “creating your avatar,” an essential step that reveals “who exactly you’re trying to serve.” From there, you can tackle the final foundational piece: building a brand that attracts your avatar. “A brand is not a real estate license,” Frazier says. “You are the brand… by becoming a thought leader.”

2. Navigate the information age

Real estate agents might work with property, but “we’re all in the media business.” The market has an insatiable appetite for information, and those who do not feed it with valuable, educational content will not thrive. However, many real estate agents struggle with knowing where to start. That’s where specialization comes back into play. Agents looking for inspiration should “invest in deepening your knowledge in your specialty” and “put emphasis on professionalism.” By doing so, Frazier says, you’ll always have something of value to say to your customer avatar – and grow your brand in the process.

3. Coach up your confidence

“You need a coach to operate at the highest level,” says Frazier. Not just for business strategy and development, but for one critical piece of content creation: confidence. Between YouTube videos, TikToks, Instagram Reels, and more, there are endless opportunities for real estate agents to appear on camera – or even in voiceover. Frazier recommends investing in confidence coaching to help bring out your best self in every piece of content. The Power Is Now Media, for example, provides one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions to help agents rehearse their content in a digital format and receive feedback. “How you look and what you’re saying translates” even when you’re not on camera, Frazier notes.

4. Produce poignant podcasts

Podcasts have become a ubiquitous part of modern content consumption. Millions of people tune into podcasts daily – and they’re a “game changer” for real estate agents. Podcasts provide a unique opportunity for agents to produce long-form, informative content without the pressure of video and can be created without professional set-ups, such as by recording Zoom audio. Moreover, Frazier notes that agents can easily distribute podcasts through traditional marketing channels. Adding a podcast QR code to flyers or mentioning your podcast at listing appointments, for example, are low-lift ways to build your audience, boost your credibility, and introduce a value add.

5. Own your virtual office

Ten years ago, businesses invested in their offices. Today, websites are the new office. “You need to invest in your website,” Frazier says. “Just like you want to create an experience when someone comes to your office, you want to create that same experience when they come to your website.” That experience isn’t just created through beautiful designs, but through content that tells a story about your expertise, reputation, and business. Frazier also recommends that agents drive traffic from all other platforms to the virtual office through search engine optimization, social media optimization, gated content, teasers on other platforms, and more. As Frazier says, “You are the captain of your own ship and the master of your own destiny. You need to own every piece of content that you put out there and the platforms you use to drive traffic to your website.”

If you missed the webinar, click here to access the event recording. Stay tuned for more free live training sessions with other real estate experts, exclusively for the Redy community!

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